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Story Telling for Financial Advisors


Among the many Communication Skills Training Seminars offered by Illuminata Global (IG), our Storytelling for the Financial Services Industry program is paramount for those who must enhance and refine their aptitude for clear and concise explanations of complex ideas, theories, topics, and/or concepts to clients who are not financially versed.


Most people can assimilate complex information with greater ease, when they can connect to the information on a visceral level. IG's approach to Storytelling is diverse, unique, and proven to create a connection between speakers and their audience. Our Senior Trainers will show you how to explore complex ideas, theories, topics, and/or concepts, and translate them into stories that are engaging, informative, and captivating. This course does not lend credence to "fluff" or "spin". This course focuses on allowing you to effectively explain complex information in a manner that is relatable and memorable.

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