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Tell Your Story Make the Sale


Among the various Communication Skills Training Seminars offered by Illuminata Global (IG), this workshop is critical for Sales Professionals who need to cultivate or improve their ability to develop/deliver stories to current and/or prospective clients. Meaningful and impacting stories have the capacity to bridge the gap between the speaker and the listener, effectively producing interest and engagement.


Storytelling has not been embraced by many Sales Professionals. However, storytelling is a fantastic way to bond with your audience, compelling them through authenticity and genuine interest. We at IG, understand the initial resistance to "Storytelling". Although, our approach to Storytelling is diverse, unique, and proven in its success. This course does not lend credence to "fluff" or "spin". This course is about vastly improving your ability to formulate stories, strengthening your ability to move listeners into taking action.


Through the use of effective and engaging stories, and under the direction of a Senior IG Trainer, you will improve your skills as a persuasive and compelling Salesperson - who immediately gains the confidence of your prospective and/or current clients.

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